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We're ready to rescue your wardrobe.

62% of our community said they want more Hemster services to power a circular closet.

Help us add 20,000 years to garment lifespans by the end of this year.

On average, each American throws away 81 pounds of clothing every year. What we have accepted as 'natural end' of the garment can be changed. A simple alteration can add 3+ years to a garment's lifespan.

The time has come for us all to step up and do something about the global garment waste crisis. Not by 2030, not by next year, but starting today.

We’ve added 10,100 years so far!

add 14 years with a rescue kit

Source: Calpirg

Garment lifespans

86% of our community is interested in personalizing their wardrobe with Hemster.

Introducing Remake

We're aiming to turn one-wear garments such as bridesmaid dresses into closet favorites you’ll wear time and time again! Our partnership with Kennedy Blue is just the beginning.

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75% of our community said they would like to send their garments to Hemster to be repaired.

Repair with a Rescue Kit!

We’ll send you a bag to fill with your favorite garments. Then we’ll send them back perfectly repaired!

Use your kit

60% of our community doesn’t know they can extend garment lifespan rather than get rid of garments.

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