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Creating a world
where size is arbitrary

Our story

One day, 5 years ago, Allison was shopping one of her favorite brands online.  Trying to figure out what size she should buy for new high-waisted skinny jeans, Allison started clicking through all the size charts and was immediately confused: the size measurements seemed totally contradictory.  Her waist is one size, but her hips are another.  So, she guessed a size… and when she got her new jeans in the mail, none of them fit the way she envisioned.

In that moment, she wondered if only she could just save the fit of her favorite pair of jeans—and make it a pattern for all her future jeans.  And instead of choosing from M, L, 28, 34, 4, 6, 11, or any of these pre-defined sizes, what if she could just choose… her size?

Our tailors

Our tailors are the thread that brings our business together

Ever since we started Hemster, our mission has focused on the forgotten art of tailoring. WIth our venture-backed technology-enabled platform we’re able to showcase our tailors’ unique expertise while also revitalizing the tailoring industry.

Our team of tailors are committed to bringing your perfect fit to life. With a broad spectrum of specialties (from soft leggings to beautiful bridal gowns to perfect suits), we can assure you that your garments are being revived by the best and most experienced hands in the business.

Our fit experts

Our Fit Experts know exactly how your garment should fit your body

We work with the best and most passionate Fit Experts from all over the U.S. They’re eager to learn more about your style and fit preferences.

Our Fit Experts will virtually assist you in creating your very own garment pattern so that you can wear everything in your closet. Whether it’s taking up the hem or shortening the sleeves, our Fit Experts will have you fitted perfectly into every garment, every time.


Also known as ‘threadquarters'

We’re a diverse team who share a vision of creating a world where size is arbitrary and every garment is given a purpose. We’re committed to re-shaping the retail industry and we’re on a mission to clean up landfills, one garment at a time.