Your perfect fit, wherever you shop

We tailor any garment to your perfect fit, without leaving the house.

Your perfect fit, wherever you shop

We tailor any garment to your perfect fit, without leaving the house.

Free tailoring from your favorite brands

Tell us your fit problems

We really want to know what you don't like about your pants.

Our fitters create a solution

A virtual consultation from the comfort of your home.

Tailor everything

Shop free of fit worry, we make your garments work for your body & look.

SEt up Fit Profile

“I was always limited to shop in the petite section and compromise style for what fits my legs. Now I have the freedom to shop all the new trends from any store and be confident Hemster can tailor it to my perfect fit.”

Graphic Designer

What we did

Discussed Lauren’s fitting woes and style goals.
Created a pattern for the ultimate cropped skinny.
Matched this fit to 4 pairs of jeans from 2 different brands!

“I don’t buy high end pants, but I want them to look customized to me. My pants look expensive, and my alterations are only $35 a pair!”

Sales Representative

What we did

Discussed Sean’s frustration with how his pants currently look.
Created a pattern that fits Sean’s waist, and tapers the leg for an upscale look.
Apply his new pattern to 6 more pants. Confidence achieved!

“I used to have to shrink my scrubs in the dryer to keep from tripping at work. Now, I have a pattern for my ideal length, and whenever I buy a new set I know they’ll be a functional fit.”


What we did

Discussed Janelle’s fit problems and how we fix them.
Created Janelle’s perfect scrub pattern.
Applied her new pattern to all of her scrubs—now every pair is her favorite!

“My mom is my fashion icon, so when she gave me her vintage DVF maxi dress, I couldn’t wait to wear it out. Hemster did a fitting with me from my hotel, and shipped my finished dress to my apartment so I could dazzle at my next brunch.”

Marketing Director

What we did

Obsessed over Alexis’ dress with her.
Created a length that showcases her favorite wedge sandals.
Saved this pattern for the rest of her luxury wardrobe.

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when your closet should fit you.

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From bargain buys to Grandma’s Gucci.

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