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Hemster Promise

Perfect Fit

Quality alterations.
No chalk and no pins!
Our innovative RulerSticker™ 
provides simple on-the-go fittings.

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We pick up and deliver!
Your garments are ready
in as fast as 2 days.

Alterations Made
Easy & Affordable

Your fit measurements are saved in our customer database for easy repeat orders.

Customer Service

Our expert customer service representatives are always available to help.

Customer Reviews

"I used Hemster when I found a perfect dress that was
too big on the waist and they altered it perfectly.  
So now I don't have to compromise on the style or the fit!"
- Julia L.
"Not only was this a 5-star experience, they delivered my clothes
to my doorstep when they were done!
What at time-saver and the prices were very, very reasonable.
Hemster has me as a customer for life."
- tim h.
"Hemster not only met my needs but also provided
the most convenient solution to given my schedule.
Hemster is definitely my go-to tailor from now on!
- aerin L.