Pants Journey: From the Back of a Warehouse to the Sales Floor

Hi! I'm Pants.

tags saying unsellable, $0, and 0 wearable years

I had dreams of the sales floor, with my full price tag, being seen by all the shoppers.

I ended up forgotten in the back of a warehouse in a box. Along with countless other broken-hearted dreamers, my brand shipped me to Hemster with one goal: getting me back on the sales floor.

First, Hemster got to know me really well.

When I arrived at Hemster, I was thrilled about the amount of one-on-one attention I received! They gave me my own Hemster profile, sourced my missing button, and even were able to find a hole I hadn't noticed. They told me my adventure was just beginning!

a continuation of the dating app profile with new information updated based on the previous sectinon, as well as a warehouse

Then I matched with a Hemster tailoring specialist!

Based on my material type & damages, I was matched with the perfect tailor to get me back to top quality. That missing button? Sewed back on better than ever. My hole? Fixed perfectly with a hand-sewn patch.

My profile got a makeover too.

My time with my tailor was life-changing, and I was close to being ready for my brand again. One last stop to spend one-on-one time with Hemster, where they helped me put the finishing touches on my profile.

They even gave me my own unique tag with a QR code so that I could officially show off my journey. I was sent back to my brand, revived and ready!

I went back to my brand perfectly packaged and ready for sale. There were 1000s like me!

tags saying unsellable, $0, and 0 wearable years

All my brand had to do was re-ingest me back to inventory and decide where to sell me; in store or online. My QR code tells my story to everyone who scans it, so everyone can see my impact.

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