Our Story

One day, 5 years ago, Allison was shopping one of her favorite brands online.  Trying to figure out what size she should buy for new high-waisted skinny jeans, Allison started clicking through all the size charts and was immediately confused: the size measurements seemed totally contradictory.  Her waist is one size, but her hips are another.  So, she guessed a size… and when she got her new jeans in the mail, none of them fit the way she envisioned.

In that moment, she wondered if only she could just save the fit of her favorite pair of jeans—and make it a pattern for all her future jeans.  And instead of choosing from M, L, 28, 34, 4, 6, 11, or any of these pre-defined sizes, what if she could just choose… her size?

Hemster was born to empower you with the right to have every garment be uniquely tailored to your preferred fit — and to introduce a world where these size numbers and letters are truly meaningless.

Silicon Valley Meets Tailoring

Ever since we started Hemster 5 years ago, our mission has focused on the forgotten art of tailoring. We have created a venture-backed technology-enabled platform with world-class engineers with the goal of revitalizing the tailoring community, composed mainly of marginalized individuals.  We are proud to support our tailors, garment associates, and fit experts, who work tirelessly to bring the perfect fit to every shopper.

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