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How we're using tech to solve the fashion industry’s hidden waste problem

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The Problem

Brands are sitting on thousands of garments deemed unsellable for miscellaneous reasons. Right now, they're usually ending up in landfills.

The Research

Hemster has sorted, processed, and digitized thousands of these 'lost' garments and compiled data and insights to address the issue.

The Solution

Hemster repairs 90% of the 'lost' garments back to near-perfect quality. Brands sell them at 100% MSRP with an added Quality Guarantee.

The Problem

3% msrp recovery

Wasted for minor, unknown reasons

Almost all apparel brands have a pile of boxes deemed 'unsellable' due to minor, undiagnosed issues. Until now there has been no sustainable market solution to deal with this ever-growing pile of lost inventory. Currently it's either recycled unsustainably or shipped to foreign markets to sell for less than half of the original MSRP.

The Research

We're compiling data and insights from tests with major apparel brands.
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The Solution

80% msrp recovery

From waste to wanted

Instead of sitting in the brand warehouse, garments get uploaded to Hemster's Revive Portal. Hemster ingests and examines each garment. The brand receives an in-depth analytics report and over 90% of the garments are returned to them in near-perfect condition, ready for sale at maximum recovery of MSRP with Hemster's Quality Guarantee.

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100% transparency

Data insights

Brands receive data on inventory, damages and repair opportunities like never before. Send us a pile of boxes and log in to your personalized portal to see the rest.

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