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Hemster DASH Services

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Length:                     $35
Sleeve:                      $20+
Taper Sleeves:         $40
Take in Waist:          $40
Repairs:                    $5+
Length:                  $10+
Cuff Hem:             $20
Taper Legs:           $40+
Take in Waist:       $40
Repairs:                 $5+
Length:              $35+
Waist:                 $40
Straps:               $15+
Repairs:             $5+
Sleeve:                  $60
Length:                 $75
Take in Waist:      $80
Repairs:                $5+
ALLFull Alteration Menu
Fitting Fee: $15
Waived for $100+ Orders

Commonly asked questions

What areas do you service?
Currently, we only provide in-home services for the San Francisco area. Stay tuned, new locations are coming soon! Contact us to see if we are coming to your area.
How long does an in-home appointment take?
What if my garment doesn't fit correctly?
What alteration services do you offer for in-home?
What is your refund policy?
When will my alterations be ready?

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Customer Stories

"I used Hemster when I found a perfect dress that was too big on the waist and they altered it perfectly.  So now I don't have to compromise on the style or the fit!"
- Julia L.
“Not only was this a 5-star experience, they delivered my clothes to my doorstep when they were done! What a time-saver and the prices were very, very reasonable. Hemster has me as a customer for life.”
- Tim h.
“Hemster not only met my needs but also provided the most convenient solution given my schedule. Hemster is definitely my go-to tailor from now on!”
- aerin L.

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